How it works

Every day (well, every weekday), I will post a “Top 10” list for an artist or genre. These are subjective lists of folks or musical styles I consider important, influential, and/or interesting. I have about 200 lists lined up, so 5 per week should get Daveon through a school year with no problem.

The Rules

  • As mentioned, every list contains music I consider important or interesting in some way. It doesn’t mean I like them all—in fact, some posts will contain artists I absolutely can’t stand. Hey, I’m an equal-opportunity kind of guy.
  • I’m posting in alphabetical order because it seemed easiest and I’m lazy.
  • The lists cover popular genres only—pop, R & B, rock, rap, hip-hop, soul, a (tiny) bit of country, and so on. No opera or classical—I wouldn’t even know where to begin.
  • There are few, if any, middle of the road pop acts included—no ABBA or Carpenters, and no Sinatra or Streisand. They are certainly popular, but you’d have a hard time convincing me they are important or interesting musically. Hey, it’s my list.
  • Some artists/genres I know like the back of my hand, some I am learning as I go. Please feel free to comment, but be nice.
  • Also please feel free to suggest new playlists in the comments. Remember, I have almost 200 lined up, so I may have yours in the queue.
  • I only created lists for artists who started recording before 2000. My son knows 21st century music much better than I do, so it seemed dumb to include it. Maybe he can start his own “Son of POTD” blog someday.



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