I know exactly zero about the Band. I know they backed Dylan for a while. I know the Staple Singers covered “The Weight.” I know Joni Mitchell appeared in their concert movie “The Last Waltz.” OK, I guess I know three things about them.

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Aretha Franklin

How embarrassed should I be that the first time I put Aretha Franklin the person together with all those great Aretha Franklin songs was seeing her sing “Think” in “The Blues Brothers”? (Answer: Very.) All I know is, you can have Whitney, Mariah, and all those other female R&B singers who can “really sing”—I’d rather listen to Aretha Franklin 1,000 times over.

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The Animals are one of those groups that had a lot of hits and you would recognize them if you heard them, but if someone said, “Name an Animals song,” you would have no idea.

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Al Green

If hearing an Al Green song doesn’t instantly make you smile, you must be having a really bad day.

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Not sure what to say about Aerosmith. A group that went from “Dream On” to “Dude Looks Like a Lady” to American Idol. That’s quite a career.

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I’m probably about to lose a lot of cred with my jazzbo/Joni Mitchell friends, but I love AC/DC. A lot. Nothing like hearing “Back in Black” at the beginning of a Raiders game—just ask Max.

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Abbey Lincoln

The only time I saw Abbey Lincoln live, she spent most of her time yelling at the band. I think she was drunk. Nonetheless, she is amazing. This one is for Cedric, who reminded me that “Abbey” comes before “AC/DC.”

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