Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell is my all-time favorite, period. I can thank Pete (who is light years ahead of me musically, as well as in pretty much every way) for introducing me to her when we were in high school. While our peers were rockin’ out to REO Speedwagon, we would blast For the Roses out of the dining room windows into the backyard. And my mother was surprised when I came out?

Joni Mitchell AllMusic page


  1. Great listening! It takes me back a few years ago when a friend recommended “Blue”, the album. What a great experience! I have been listening to Joni Mitchell ever since. My favourite album is “Ladies of the canyon”


  2. Glad you liked them! Always happy to hear about a fellow fan. It would be hard for me to pick a favorite – I like pretty much all of them (even the 80s and 90s stuff). The San Francisco Jazz Festival is honoring Joni Mitchell with a lifetime achievement award in May. Tickets start at 1,000 – I am playing the lottery!


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