Captain Beefheart

I don’t think he’s from Santa Cruz, but I’m guessing that maybe there were a few drugs involved here also.

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Camper Van Beethoven

Based on the group name and song titles, I had a feeling that maybe drugs were involved. Then I found out they are from Santa Cruz, and now I’m sure there are drugs involved. (That’s not a dig. I’ve been to Santa Cruz many times, and … whoa.)

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Caetano Veloso

As much as I love the Red Hot organization for having their hearts in the right place (all album proceeds going to AIDS research), the truth is that they have produced some very, very bad albums. For their “medium bad” bossa nova album, they wisely decided to release a companion album containing the original (better) versions. It was that album that introduced me to the wild, wacky Caetano Veloso. So, thanks, Red Hot guys!

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The Buzzcocks have a song titled “Ever Fallen in Love (With Some You Shouldn’t).” Clearly, they haven’t been around my love life. If so, they would have a song titled “Are Your Ever Going to Stop Falling in Love (With Some You Shouldn’t).”

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Buddy Guy

Though it’s certainly catchier than “George,” if your last name is “Guy” and you choose “Buddy” as your stage name—that’s a sign you’re not trying very hard.

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Bud Powell

I poked around his bio for something funny to say about Bud Powell, and found that he suffered lifelong mental and physical breakdowns because of a police beating—ultimately dying in his 40s. So, in a very rare case of keeping my mouth shut, I will simply present the amazing music of Bud Powell.

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Bonnie Raitt

“Nick of Time” is pretty much my theme song. Or will be, once I take care of that “finding love” part.

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