Harry Nilsson

Bonus points for naming an album “Nilsson Schmilsson,” which is the kind of goofy thing I’d probably do (if I had an album, which would imply that I have any musical talent, which would be incorrect). On the other hand,┬ádock points for naming one song “Without Her” and another “Without You” (somewhere in his catalog there’s probably a “Without Me” and, if he was feeling sexually frisky, maybe even a “Without Him” and/or “Without Them”). That’s just cheating.

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Graham Parker

He was supposed to be equal to Elvis Costello, but he never had any hits, and I’d be surprised if anyone can name at least one of his songs. On the plus side, he never did a country album or duets with Burt Bacharach, so there’s that.

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Gonzalo Rubalcaba

New category! In addition to, “Artists Who Were Quite the Looker in Their Younger Days,” we now have, “Artists Who Are Pushing [insert appropriate age here] and Are Still Quite the Looker”! Charter member: Gonzalo Rubalcaba.

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Gil Scott-Heron

You know the whole Charlie Parker/Rhianna thing? Same with Gil Scott-Heron and … well, pretty much any rapper who came up after about 1995.

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Gil Evans

Not to be confused with Bill Evans. Also, not someone that Marcia threatened to stop speaking to me if I didn’t give him a list. But better safe than sorry.

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Geri Allen

Geri Allen is by far the coolest person I know of named Geri. Of course, the only other person I know of named Geri is my older sister’s mother-in-law. So the competition isn’t exactly fierce.

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George Harrison

OK, my conscience wouldn’t let me do it. After I gave in on McCartney, I just had to give “favorite Beatle” Harrison a list. Sure, after he got the (very non-quirky) spiritual stuff out of the way, he mostly produced quirky pop. ┬áBut so do They Might Be Giants, and I didn’t hesitate to give them a list.

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