Merle Haggard

All I can say is, if I drank as much as he appears to based on his songs, I’d be pretty haggard, too. (Thanks. I’ll be here all week.)

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k.d. lang

Patron saint of L …. L …. L …. Lawrence Welk fans everywhere. If you get that joke, you are a diehard k.d. lang fan. If you know who Lawrence Welk is, you are old.

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Johnny Cash

Of all the “artists I can’t believe I skipped in round 1,” Johnny Cash is probably at the top of the list. Not being a country music fan, I actually like Johnny Cash. (Mariachi horns in “Ring of Fire”? Awesome.) Clearly I was rushing to get to Joni Mitchell.

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Dolly Parton

Sure, she’s been a cartoon character for a long time, but apparently Dolly Parton is the most-awarded country music artist of all time—so that must count for something. Plus, I secretly think she (and especially “9 to 5”) is awesome.

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Asleep at the Wheel

There’s a joke to be made about how I was “asleep at the wheel” in remembering to include these cult favorites in round 1. But it is lame, so I won’t do it.

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Alt Country

A few years ago, I ran into a guy who looked kind of familiar from college. It turns out we were in the same program, graduated the same year—and had never actually met. I was also at the same school at the same time as Mary Chapin Carpenter, and I never met her, either. In other words: Clearly I wasn’t paying a lot of attention when I was at school.

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Willie Nelson


The one who isn’t Waylon Jennings. Also: Only artist to perform duets with both Joni Mitchell and … Julio Iglesias?

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